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Or maybe youll spend that fifteen minutes taking notes on a book.What is the Honors Thesis and why do I have to complete one?Review each rubric and become aware of how your work will be evaluated.

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scheduled periods may be eligible to receive a nomination for Pass with Distinction which will be reflected on their WSU transcript. Too often its assumed that the research

phase of a project involves very little substantive writing (i.e., writing that involves thinking). Discuss any challenges to be overcome and give a timeline you will follow to complete your project. Those small bits of prose will add up quickly. Most students submit their proposal. How do I choose an academic question for my thesis? When do I do my thesis? Yet you might want to form a writing group or enlist a peer reader, some person or people who can help you stick to your goals. At this point, youve spent a very long time on your thesis. How long must the thesis proposal be? Open windows into future professions, an honors thesis will give you a taste of what its like to do research in your field. Keep in mind that working arguments may change after you start writing. It provides the methodology you will use to answer that question or complete the project, notes what the expected results might be and what these results mean within evaluation the context of what is known. Above all, try to have fun! North Carolina Collection in Wilson Library. . In addition to psychological reflections, Lamott offers some blunt, pragmatic advice. Members of the Honors Council make the final determination on this designation. Your interpretation of the source: This is the most important part of note-taking. Even if a topic interests you, it wont work out unless you have access to the materials you need to research. Or you might want to write your introduction last, not first. Elbow is an English professor and places a good bit of emphasis on creative writing. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2002. Make yourself accountable to someone other than yourself Since most of you will be taking a required thesis seminar, you will have deadlines. Once that task is done, you can turn your attention to revising. However, your thesis must include a Title Page, Advisor Signature Approval Page, Précis, and References Cited section. Yes, this is a defense, but youll probably only fan the flames if you lose your cool.

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What issues and obstacles did you encounter. If youve been freewriting and taking thoughtful notes during the research phase of your project. Whether its the short stories of Flannery OConnor or the challenges of urban poverty. UNC Honors Program, contact, but a coadvisor from another academic institution or the world at large can be arranged with the agreement of the Honors College at WSU. Then the drafting should be far less painful. The principal advisor needs to be a tenuretrack faculty texas education articles member or senior instructor at WSU. But in a good spirit, yes, prospective employers and graduate school admissions committees are impressed by the dedication and discipline required to write a thesis. Anyone may attend your presentation, taking the above topic, why did some women in North Carolina oppose the ERA. Approved by Adviser, browse the postings on the calendar to see upcoming open defense dates.

You do not need to have a topic in mind when you decide to pursue honors.There are many different ways to decide upon an honors thesis topic.Learn about potential topics ; Think creatively and reflectively about your interests.

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Others cut and paste evidence into detailed outlines on their computer. Please see the UNC Libraries citation tutorial. However, abbreviations, their warnings against overwriting and overstating offer a useful corrective to puffedup prose.

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If you were to expand this project in graduate school, how would you do so?