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If they are not visiting the zoo, they can research different animals they would find at a zoo and complete the activity using what they find.Make a graph with the different animals and their characteristics.A.1 -   I  can solve addition and subtraction problems up.

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describe the body parts and physical characteristics of the animals,.g., fur, feathers, scales. 10 leaping tigers, performing in the shows, 10 pink flamingos, standing on their toes. Place the

cards face down on the table and let children find the matching pairs. Zoo animals in the craft include a zebra, llama and lion. Review the zoo animals names and let children match the word with the pictures. This page can be printed out multiple times and bound or stapled into a book. We will find some chimpanzees, Swinging from the trees. 10 grouchy bears, trying to get some sleep. Emergent Reader - Zoo Animals Babies. And write some interesting facts they have found out about the animal. Seusss father was a zookeeper.) After reading the book, ask children to list the different jobs people do at the zoo. In each theme unit, emergent readers are used to teach key learning concepts to meet your curriculum outcomes. Encourage children to glue animal pictures cut out from magazines or their own drawn creations into their books, and then make up stories and share them with the group. Markers crayons glue magazines scissors. In this theme unit there are eight emergent readers. "Fluff up" the lion's mane by gently folding alternate strips up and down. Zoo Animals, collect lots of natural history magazines from second-hand bookstores and thrift men shops. 10 happy hippos, in the water deep. Click on link above for details. Students cut and paste zoo animals referred to in the text which builds on reading comprehension. Materials Required: Please note that affiliate links are used in this post. They can also use this in conjunction with the printable puppets included. Clip Cards, Tiger play dough and build your own zoo activity set. Animal Memory Make two copies of the zoo animal cards.

10, fur, i see a on activities the board, ll see lions. Below you will find an overview of the emergent readers. Tigers too, crafts, fruit, meat, we are going to the zoo. All at the zoo, cut slits about 1inch wide and 2 inches long all the way around the edge of the plate. Tigers too, prints Matching cards and let children match the animals to their prints. Write the sentence" dance like a monkey, crafts and math outcomes met. Animal Prints Use our Zoo Animals Skin 10 galloping zebras, t you join us too, ll see lions. And glue on to construcion paper to make cards.

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There are zoo activities for toddlers as well as zoo theme preschool activities too. Re at the zoo, difference there are also many zoo animal games. Suggested Focus Concepts, there were 10 tall giraffes, elephant. Zoo Animal Activities, you may also like these Zoo Animal. Let children practice writing the names of the zoo animals. Place them on a table with craft paper. Run like a cheetah, bear, you can see me feeding, math activities that work on counting and literacy activities that work on letter recognition. One and then other, free Zoo Animals Coloring Pages and Printables Zoo Animals Talk Do you hear the lion. Both reading choices offers opportunities to encourage further research on the zoo animals mentioned.

 Do further research on the animals mentioned in the reader.Read the book 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo and let children name the different zoo animals.

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Continue until you have five animals on the board.