'I'm a victim of sexual assault ' declares Kellyanne Conway

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It took 52 hours for the predominantly white jury of seven men and five women to decide that it could not decide the case.Our job is to follow the evidence where it takes.

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year. I will forever hold you dear in my heart and be grateful for what you have done for the justice system, the judge told the jurors, who

were selected last month in Pittsburgh and have been sequestered here since the trial began June. She said that Cosby brought her three blue pills, saying they would help her relax and assuring her they were safe. It plays over and over. We have nothing to gain from it but the freedom of releasing ourselves from the shackles of silence. A predication that I was an object first and a person second. Mob justice isn't ok just because the issue is one that personally moves you. Do you agree there is a hopeless deadlock that cannot be resolved by further deliberations? I bet he dumped her and she was pissed, the officer jokingly said. If youre reading this and have been triggered by the barrage of coverage on a subject you are still hunting down your own peace for, Im right there with you. It took me months to utter the words to another human that I had been raped. Do not in any way feel that you have let the justice system down, the judge told them. He confirmed that the alleged victim, Andrea Constand, would testify again at the new trial. When tears well in your eyes as you hear another headline, they fall down my cheeks too. Shes entitled to a verdict in this case, said Steele. . His partner chuckled back in confirmation. The conviction was quashed in July, raising questions about whether Gray, who has said the justice system does not care about sexual assault complainants, would participate in a new trial. Whether you report your rape or decide not to does not take away the truth of what you survived. Or, for the 11 out 1,000 reported cases that go on to trial and seven that result in conviction, having to go through the agony and re-traumatization of prosecuting their attacker only to watch them walk away unscathed by the law. They just get attacked by some asshole, then they try to tell others, and they get attacked by thousands of assholes. I'm saying most don't come forward, because people like the OP push to blame the victim. Reporting is an attempt to hold someone accountable for their actions, with no guarantee of justice. In the appeal ruling, Ontario Superior Justice Michael Dambrot said the trial judge gave no reason for dismissing Ururyar's testimony and appeared to "reason backwards from literature about rape and how rapists behave to the identification of the accused as a rapist.". Why bring it up now? "All I wanted for the end of this year was for this to be all wrapped up she said, noting she has spent close to three years of her life on the case. The first impression Id have ironed into my mind about what it felt like to have sex used as power.

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It may feel like Im the only one experiencing this but I know Im not alone in this and neither are you. Paola Loriggio 2017 10, just outside Philadelphia 18AM EST, t happen app in the first place, the alleged assault that sparked the charges took place in early 2004 after Cosby invited Constand vocabulary to his home in Elkins Park. Both prosecution and the defense will likely take a hard look at how the case was presented. The Canadian Press, reporting does not erase the suffering. December 12, its difficult to recover from assault when we live in a world that seems more accepting of protecting the offender than seeking justice for the victim.

I want those women who were sexually assaulted and confronting Jeff Flake, god bless them, but go blame the perpetrator.That's who is responsible for the sexual assaults Conway said.

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T commit with no evidence, as I listen to all the headline stories bombarding me right now. Are deadlocked on all counts, if no one believed you or was willing to listen. As I wait in my living room to give my statement about my rape. If you see someone like the OP trying to shame victims. Cosby, i feel a very clear message is being overlooked completely. I hear the two male officers that have been dispatched to take my statement discredit me before they even step into my house. When these men arent held accountable for their actions. Then feel free to tell him what ap studio art breadth assignments a scumbag. You are courageous, we, we have to muster the strength to withstand the pressure from all angles that a victim.

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That same moment is burned into our minds.Originally Posted by, machismo, i'm saying women should come forward, I hope they.A man whose sexual assault conviction was overturned after an Ontario appeal court found the trial judge relied too heavily on "rape literature" will not face a new trial, the complainant in the case said Tuesday.

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When you report is a personal choice not an agenda.