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Debtors Duty in the Case of Registration of the Security Interest.At the request of the adoptive parent, the first name of the adoptee may be changed.

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the Forced Portion of Each Heir The forced portion of each heir shall be determined taking into account all legal heirs that would have been called to succeed to

the estate in the event of intestate inheritance. Termination of Possession of a Thing by Complaint Claim of the Owner Possession of a thing is terminated if the owner asserts a justified complaint claim against the possessor. Limitation Period for Rescission A transaction made by deceit is voidable within one year. Personal Securities Article 928. Termination of Payment of the Insurance Premium The insured may terminate payment of the insurance premium if, after execution of the contract, article 701 du code civil it is found that the economic position of the insurer has deteriorated to such an extent that there is a real danger. Shortcomings of the Travel The travel agency is obligated to organize the travel so as to avoid shortcomings in the travel that may devalue or reduce the significance of the travel for ordinary purposes or for the purposes stipulated under the contract. The buyer may refuse to repay the credit if the buyer has a counterclaim against the seller proceeding from the purchase contract that would entitle him to repudiate the performance of his obligation.e. Expenses incurred by the encroacher with respect to the used good shall not reduce the extent of his enrichment. Transaction Made Without Observance of the Form A transaction is void when it is made without observance of the form provided for by law or in the contract, and, likewise, a transaction is void when made without permission, if permission is required for the transaction. The same rule applies when the suspension is acceptable either proceeding from the owners personal and economic relations or according to the nature of the debt. The consent of each participant shall be required for conclusion of any transaction. The current account balance is subject to payment within an agreed term. Rights of Heirs of a Joint Creditor If a joint creditor leaves a number of heirs, each heir shall be entitled to only that part of the right to the debt that corresponds to his portion of the estate. Performance of a Legacy by Other Heirs If the heir who was bound to perform the legacy predeceased the opening of the estate, or if he renounced the estate, then the obligation to perform the legacy shall be placed on the other heirs who received. 62 62 Implicitly, the greater claim is offset to the extent of the value of the lesser claim. The lessee is obligated to restitute the loss of livestock included in the inventory, regardless of the proper management of the leased property. Property without heirs in the form of a share or stock in a business entity or a cooperative shall be transferred to the business entity or cooperative, unless otherwise prescribed by law.

Make repairs to the thing, effects of Injury to Health If the insurers obligation depends upon injury intentionally writing a receipt caused to the health bodily injury then the absence of intent shall be presumed until proven otherwise. He shall cover the current expenses. Dissolution of a Lease Contract with an Unspecified Term If the term of a contract for lease of land or of a right is not specified. Condition Dependent upon Will A condition is deemed to be dependent upon the will when its occurrence or nonoccurrence depends only upon the parties to a transaction.

Code de procédure civile.(Dernière modification : 1 janvier.

Article 701 du code civil

If the testator is on the ship or the aircraft. E Or, extension of the Security Interest to All Property Values Included in the Collateral A security interest extends to all property values. A testator may bind an heir to perform some obligation. An agreement by which the duties of the mandatary defined under paragraph 1 of this Article are limited or excluded in the future shall be made in writing. In favor of one article 701 du code civil or more persons testamentary obligation legacy. Performance of the Action by a Number of Persons If the action for which the reward was announced is performed by a number of persons. Then the reward shall be granted to the person who performed it first. He shall obtain the right, simultaneously with delivery of the work performed. Such repudiation shall not be allowed if the other party has been informed of the statutory representatives consent.

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Possession, use and disposition of this property shall be exercised by mutual agreement of the spouses.La procédure devant les juridictions administratives (tribunal administratif, cour administrative d'appel, conseil d'État) est fixée par le code de justice administrative.

Titre IV : Des servitudes ou services fonciers - Livre

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Obligation of Pledgee Lienholder Upon Extinguishment of the Security Interest When the security interest is extinguished, the pledgee shall be bound to return the object collateral in his possession to the pledgor or to the owner.