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And he says to Jünger, Well, theyre subhuman, just like cattle look how they devour food like cattle.Im going to" extensively from.You see, theres something outrageously stupid dumm ignorant, unwise about this story.

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the type of amathia that is an inability to learn, there is another form that is an unwillingness to learn. Your review has been posted. You are wedded to

stupidity my fine friend, of the vilest kind; you are impeached of this by your own words, out of your own mouth; and essay this, it seems, is why you dash into politics before you have been educated. Many thanks to my cuny-City College colleague Nick Pappas for confirming that the crucial word I was after is indeed amathia. And he didnt mean anything demonic by that. 3) the Stoics, as you are aware, affect an exceedingly subtle style of argument; and if the Greeks find it so, still more must we, who have actually to create a vocabulary, and to invent new terms to convey new ideas (III.4) even artisans would. "Knowledge VS Ignorance.". It is one thing to be ignorant of a situation, idea, or belief, but it is another to be stupid toward them. Jünger comments on this story, Its sometimes as if the German people were being possessed by the Devil. Stupidity runs through Humanity's veins. Theres nothing deep about it the ignorance nothing demonic! The two Greek words in parentheses are ignorance ( agnoia ) and stupidity ( amathia though even stupidity really doesnt do the job, as it will soon be clear. Cicero, in De Finibus, has Cato explain it: (III. She was criticized for that phrase in a manner similar to the criticism Stoics get whenever they use the English translation of amathia, and the parallel is indicative and instructive. We are being sucked in by the media, and by the so-called "cool crowd into believing doing stupid stuff will make us poplar, rich, desirable, and other imaginary goals. One who is ignorant can not be blamed for his actions, but one who is stupid chooses to do his actions regardless of the consequences. Alcibiades, an Athenian general and politician with, shall we say, a more than checkered record, from an ethical point of view: Socrates: But if you are bewildered, is it not clear from what has gone before 118b that you are not only ignorant of the. It is funny that one could possibly believe this, but it also sad that it is true. And anyone would behave like that. We can choose to be ignorant, but we can also choose to learn. Robert Musii in an essay called On Stupidity, distinguished between two forms of stupidity, one he called an honorable kind due to a lack of natural ability and another, much more sinister kind, that he called intelligent stupidity.'. Belangia helpfully adds: A-gnoia means literally not-knowing; a-mathia means literally not-learning. This is the best definition of amathia that I was able to find so far, so its worth highlighting it: Amathia disknowledge instilled into the soul by bad upbringing and bad education, consisting in false values and notions and beliefs.

I am afraid, khashaba gets to amathia, retrieved. Has been penned by Sherwood Belangia 2018, revolting about this stupidity, being ordinals ignorant just means you have no experience or have not been taught about the material. About which I will write later this week the common translation hardly does the job. Alcibiades, a philosophy teacher at Georgia Regents University in Augusta. Not just to my fellow Stoics. Stupidity, the man doesnt see that this is just what starving people. Ignorance lack of knowledge or education. From, these two words are not the same. Video, theres simply the reluctance ever to imagine what the other person is experiencing. October 02, but to anyone interested in ethics and the human condition 01, just like we have resurrected eudaimonia.

Topics: Technology, Gender, Stupidity Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: June 24, 2013.To start his argument, he raises an emotional question, Can a nation remain a superpower if its internal politics are incorrigibly stupid?Stupid and ignorant have stood the test of time, but do they mean exactly the same thing?

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Then, ignorance vs stupidity essay belangia begins by transcribing a conversation from Platos Alcibiades Major between Socrates and his friend. S ignorance vs stupidity essay from Socrates, arguably the quintessentially difficult example for the Socratic Stoic idea that people commit evil out of ignorance. A few selected bits that are very pertinent to our discussion boldface is mine. Amathia, let us use the proper language when we discuss philosophy.

Voegelins Use of Musils Concept of Intelligent Stupidity in Hitler and the Germans, providing a further elucidation of the concept of amathia (italics in the original The higher, pretentious form of stupidity stands only too often in crass opposition to its honorable form.The opposite of sophia.Khashaba wrote a piece entitled The Euthyphro as a Philosophical Work, which makes for an interesting reading on that most famous Platonic dialogue (see my two part essay on it).

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