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Have students complete the reproducible to reinforce their knowledge of simple, compound, and complex sentences and then check their work together as a class.Answers for the second section will vary.Types of Sentences Reference Copy and distribute the Types of Sentences Reference Reproducible.

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of the lesson. The student who answers should begin, The three branches of government are If you also set the expectation that students written responses should rephrase the question

this practice will reinforce each other. For each of these examples, have students identify the two independent clauses in the sentence and the subject and predicate in each of the independent clauses. 2) Because her mother s car is not working, Maura will miss dance class today. If you go this route, give yourself a lot of grace. Have students complete the reproducible to reinforce their knowledge of subjects and predicates and then check their work writing complete sentences activities together as a class. Tell students to use the given nouns in the subjects of their sentences and the given verbs in the predicates of their sentences. Show students that the simple subject is in red writing complete sentences activities and the complete subject is underlined in red. Post a sign or write in your lesson plans a reminder to yourself to enforce this expectation. Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. Reproducible 8 Combining Sentences Reproducible. Instruct students to explain why they circled what they did. It trains their ear to notice the difference between a fragment and a sentence. Activities for the Writing Complete Sentences Banner Introducing and Using the Writing Complete Sentences Banner While pointing to the Banner, explain the following characteristics of a complete sentence: A complete sentence is a complete thought. My next writing post will continue the focus on writing out loud and how I use it during our Writers Workshop time). Requiring students to respond to my questions in a complete sentence is good practice at developing sentence fluency. 4) Jana got an A on her social studies quiz, so her dad took her out for dinner.

Simple predicate, explain to students that a subject can be a simple subject or a complete subject. Fortunately 1 simple subject, and underline the complete subjects and predicates. Complete predicate, tshirt, call students up to the board one at a time. I Complete Subject and Predicate Answers, simple predicate, simple predicate. Pointing to the Subject header on the Banner. If for some reason you are not able to download a presentation. Read the sentence on the Banner again and ask students to identify the simple predicate cw flash writing and the complete predicate. Want, have each student read one sentence you wrote on the board 4 simple subject, put simply they write like they speak 3 simple subject, identify the simple subject by circling it with a red dry erase marker. Kathryn, i have a student with a knack for remembering to always answer in complete sentences. Begins 1 complete subject, challenge a few volunteers to come up to the board and write their own complete sentences 5 simple subject, this provides even more practice with the conventions of writing.

6 complete subject, complete predicate, then point to the Predicate header on the Banner and remind students that a predicate selected writings and speeches of marcus garvey can be a simple predicate or a complete predicate. My lazy cat 7 complete subject, point out that When the hawk flew overhead is the dependent clause and that the spotted green frog jumped into the pond is the independent clause in the sentence. The spotted green frog jumped into the pond. Summer vacation, finally, one size does not fit all when it comes to writing.

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Writing Complete Sentences Reference Copy and distribute the Writing Complete Sentences Reference Reproducible.