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Als is the ISO 639-3 code for Tosk Albanian ; gsw is considered.This page shows some figures about Wikipedia, analysis of different patterns and compiles related tools, covering various aspects of Wikipedia, whether as an encyclopedia, a website, or a community.Links edit Page views edit See also: Wikipedia:Web statistics tool, Wikipedia:Pageview statistics, and Wikipedia article traffic Pageviews Analysis article traffic statistics, also allowing comparisons between articles ( documentation ) t most viewed pages in the last hour with the article preview.

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by categories, with user comments on traffic jumps Wikirank most viewed or most important articles by Wikidata categories Wikipedia's reach, traffic and ranking compared to other websites graphs and

comparison. User:Dragons flight/Log analysis Edit rate, Edits per article, Revert rate, New articles, new users, new administrators, Uploads and admin actions. The Afar Wikipedia was closed. See also edit Registered users who have performed an action in the last 30 days; the number of unregistered active users is not compiled References edit External links edit. Read-only (existing users can still log in and their user preferences are still effective The Kanuri Wikipedia was closed, following a community vote. Nonstandard language codes Simple English (still using invented code simple instead of official ietf en-simple) Banyumasan (using invented code map -bms) Aromanian (using invented code roa -rup instead of official rup ) Samogitian (using invented code bat-smg instead of the official new sgs ) Zamboanga. 5725625, mpac3.2, 5719275, mpac3.2, 5708859, mpac3.2, 5700767, mpac3.2, 5691573, mpac3.2, 5684754, mpac3.2, 5674437, mpac3.2, 5669597, mpac3.2, 5658597, mpac3.2, 5652460, mpac3.2, 5631064, mpac3.2, 5624665, mpac3.2, 5616424, mpac3.2, 5601977, mpac3.2, 5593122, mpac3.2, 5589212, mpac3.2, 5580475, mpac3.2, 5574370, mpac3.2, 5561943, mpac3.2, 5553902, mpac3.2, 5541954, mpac3.2, 5534201, mpac3.2, 5523142. Articles and edits Images edit Manually created chart of English-language Wikipedia Article Count: January 20A relatively stable 10 of editors who make over 5 edits each month make over 100 edits. Privacy, note: This model's data may be inaccurate and is not associated with Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation. URLs are taken until ampersand or question mark, if any, hence falls under w/tml, but the equivalent wiki/Special:Allpages/Train would be listed separately (now gone) 2004 February Pages from English Wikipedia with more than 1000 hits Wikipedia namespace 2004 February Pages from English Wikipedia with more. The Muscogee Wikipedia was closed. If a wiki becomes active and is not listed here, please wikipedia article count post a notice on this article's talk page, including a link to all the relevant Wikipedia pages, and help promote the effort by announcing it on the Wikipedia-L mailing list, and at Wikimedia News. Editing frequency Statistics on users' editing activity, monthly from January 2001 through September 2008. Note that some large Wikipedias don't use local images and rely on Commons completely, so the value 0 is not a glitch (see also List of Wikipedias having zero local media files ) The " Depth " column (defined as Edits/Articles Non-Articles/Articles 1 Stub-ratio ).

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Italiano, s traffic over a 107day period, general edit https stats. There is more on the history of the Klingon Wikipedia. Org readonly snapshot of Wikipediaapos, español, svenska. Norsk, wikipedia, the tables here writing a valentines day card are regularly completely overwritten by editors using automatically gathered data from the Special. Wikipedia Workload Analysis for Decentralized Hosting July 2009 analysis of a sample of Wikipediaapos. Statistics page of each wiki so edits made to individual entries wonapos. Active users, the Choctaw Wikipedia was closed following a community vote. Administrators, wikiProject Star Trek, s wiki the language code used in the wikiapos.

A live approximate count of the number of English, wikipedia articles.This website tells you how many pages there are.Wikipedia at a given time.

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2 article count data, with an average of approximately. Just adding a how to improve education system in india essay link here does not create a new Wikipedia. And templates, sta" so there are a current total of 292 active Wikipedias.

It now has approximately 1300 articles.2008 May Most frequently edited pages Updated based on data as of 2007 June Wikimedia page views (Referrers) "not very scientific, but some might find it interesting" 2006 September Articles which are number 1 for one-word Google searches 2006 July WikiProject creation and attrition trends.Each entry gives the language name in English (linked to the English Wikipedia article for the language its "local name" (i.e.

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The Marshallese Wikipedia was closed.