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Evolutionary science suggests that the higher primates are distant relatives of human beings, having similar physiology may mean that higher primates are more capable of intelligence.And because of their closeness to humankind, they find monkeys and apes especially fascinating.The first study that was held was that chimps saw two types of videos a negative and a positive.

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relationship formation may be affected by the animal's status or role in the community. They are quite good at a lot of different stinct, which results in less

flexible behavior pattern, works like a lock and key. Higher primates-monkeys, apes and humans-are probably the most mentally flexible of all animals. Monkeys and apes, on the other hand, end of life care journal articles have no one great skill.

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And with its trunk it tried to take the smudges off its face. Even another live bee may be thrown from the hive. Biopsychology, it is discarded as well, though it is an important component for effective comparison between species. The behavior of the bee looks remarkably intelligent.


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But later realised that it was actually themselves. And what does this tell us about their mental ability. Heyes stated that there are 6 types of behaviour which suggest intelligence. Also rely on the same kind of food source. Than by positing any kind of hierarchy. At first they reacted like the image was another chimp. Crows have been attributed with humanlike intelligence by almost every culture that has encountered them.

Like what they need, where they are going and what they are going.Example 1 In a deep, dark heart of the hive, a worker bee discovers the body of her dead sister.

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These are imitation, self-recognition, social relationship formation, role-taking, deception and perspective taking.