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In 1st key speech, new UN human rights chief airs concerns

The Charter of human rights exerts tremendous pressure on all political authorities.The impact and importance of human rights are so deep and strong that the constitutions of India, Indonesia, Costa Rica and other countries incorporated many of the provisions of rights codified in the said Declaration in their respective constitutions.The rights included in this group are also very important.

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every country. Every country should ensure human rights to its citizens. Human rights are rights to certain claims and freedoms for all human beings all over the world.

Limitations: However, the Declaration of Human Rights is not above limitations. These rights ensure to make man free. Human rights in International Forums: Human rights are no longer concern of the people of any particular country. Racial discrimination in South Africa: Racial discrimination is a serious instance of human rights violation. In the present day, world there is a lot of concern about the protection of human rights. The problem about human rights varies from society to society. Importance of human rights : The importance of the human rights movement is that it tells people that one cannot call a society a good and a just society until ancient all its citizens enjoy these human rights. The human rights laws aims at eliminating unjust discrimination against any human being. On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Rights without any distinction of any kind is a feature of human rights. . The policy of one person one vote was the basis for the election. The six Fundamental Rights as mentioned in our Constitution are: Right to Equality Right to freedom Right against Exploitation Right to Freedom of Religion Cultural and Educational Rights Right to Constitutional Remedies. These rights do not enjoy legal sanction. Women empowerment: The issue of Women empowerment and inequality have been taken up as a Human rights issue. However, the UN condemned the racist policy and passed a resolution in this regard. Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work. It is high time that every person within the society come forward in support women in her fight for justice. These rights, besides being fundamental and universal in character, assumed international dimension.

Rights and it asks the current event business articles governments to respect these rights of their citizens. Secondly 01, the procedure for the effective enforcement of these guaranteed Fundamental Rights has been mentioned in the constitution itself. However, who were a minority, have deeper 1948, it has become an struggle of my life essay international issue.

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The Constitution guarantees to us six Fundamental Rights. Right to take part in the governance of ones country. Right to life, liberty and swear security of person, several institutions. The UN has taken a great deal of interest in the abolition of discrimination against women. Freedom to movement, human rights in India, these includes. These rights, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment. And more than 100 African languages. To free choice of employment, right to rest and leisure, judicial remedy.

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