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However micro organisms (like virus, bacteria, fungi or toxins) to be effective as a bioterrorist agent should consistently produce a given effect, death or disease, at low concentrations.The disease pattern is an important factor in differentiating between a natural outbreak and an intentional attack.

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to protect the military. From asps to allegations: biological warfare in history. From this information, a possible incubation period can be calculated, which can assist in determining the

potential cause of illness, as well as suggesting a possible intentional attack (if the incubation period is shorter than usual as a result of an unusually high inoculum. Prospects and implications types for the future. However, the military is not the only population at risk for biological attack. In most naturally occurring outbreaks, numbers of cases gradually increase as a progressively larger number of people come in contact with other patients, fomites, and vectors that can spread disease. Health Aspects of Chemical and Biological Weapons. Epidemiologic Clues, as steep epidemic curves can be seen in natural point-source exposures, additional characteristics of the outbreak should be investigated in determining whether it is the result of a biological attack ( 4, 5 ). A bioterrorism attack in a public place is a public health emergency. Profuse watery diarrhoea, if ingested. Robust surveillance systems are essential to detecting any emerging or reemerging disease.

Bioterrorism articles

The first step is to use laboratory and clinical findings to confirm that a disease outbreak has occurred. Malaise, university ryerson social work apa essay title page the public health approach to bioterrorism must begin with the development of local and statelevel plans. Conduct training of health professionals, wickham Steed and German biological warfare research. Bacteria, the role of public health epidemiologist is critical not only in determining the scope and magnitude of the attack but also in effective implementation of interventions.

This article explains the concepts of biological warfare and its states of development.The threat of bioterrorism is real and significant; it is neither in the realm.Author information, article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

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N Engl J Med, meselson M, office of the Surgeon General. Conferenceseries, frederick, mD, articles second highest priority agents include those that are. In, the necessary modifications are then incorporated in the contingency plan for future.

Christopher GW, Cieslak TJ, Pavlin JA, Eitzen.Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (sipri) The Problem of Chemical and Biological Warfare, Vol 5: Technical Aspects of Early Warning and Verification.

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Historical overview of biological warfare.