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Virtual agents, including: agents in games and virtual environments; companion and coaching agents; modeling personality, emotions; multimodal interaction; verbal and non-verbal expressiveness.Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, 3:319-350.

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Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, 69-76. Economic paradigms, including: auction and mechanism design; bargaining and negotiation; economically-motivated agents; game theory (cooperative and non-cooperative social choice and voting. Of Introduction

to Algorithms by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein Interior Point Methods Lemske-Howe method for finding mixed Nash equilibria Nudelman and Shoham (2005) paper on heuristic search for Nash equilibria AI Magazine article on Anytime Algorithms by Shlomo Zilberstein (1995) Approximation Algorithms for NP-hard. Foundations of Rational Agency. Core competencies multi-agent simulations multi-agent coordination multi-agent planning multi-agent data analysis adversarial reasoning, core deployment domains, uAV deconfliction, mission planning, collective robotics network security, opponent modeling design process modeling distributed diagnostics supply chain management, military logistics, aTG has been established in 2002. Boutilier,., Brafman.I., and Geib. Each week will consist of a student-presentation on Tues, followed by a class discussion on Thurs. The 2005, iEEE/WIC/ACM WI-IAT Joint Conference : Best Demo Award, cTU Chancellor Research Team Award 2005 vandalism McKinsey Scholarship 2005 (awarded in 2005 to Martin Rehák) System Innovation Award for A-globe multi-agent systems at Cooperative Information Systems workshop in Erfurt 2004 CTU Chancellor Award III main. Shehory,., and Kraus,. Comprehensive reviews and authoritative tutorials of research and practice in agent systems. Sandholm,., Larson,., Andersson,., Shehory,., and Tohme,. Agent societies and societal issues, including: artificial social systems; environments, organizations and institutions; ethical and legal issues; privacy, safety and security; trust, reliability and reputation. The 2009, trans it! Journal of AI Research, 23:367-413. Textbooks, there will be no textbook used. Proceedings of the 15th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. 1st prize for Agentfly multi-agent technology for traffic control. Proceedings of ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce, 260-269. Journal of Experimental Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, 10:333-356. Significant, novel applications of agent technology. Sandholm,., Suri,., Gilpin,. Agent communication languages, including: their semantics, pragmatics, and implementation; agent communication protocols and conversations; agent commitments; speech act theory. ATG researchers work on various cutting edge research projects, have unique set of skills and broad international experience. This is the official journal of the International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems. Agent Technology Center (ATG) is a university research center performing fundamental and applied research in the field of agent-based computing, multi-agent systems and agent technologies. Applied Logic Series, Vol. Algorithms for optimizing leveled commitment contracts. The Advantages of Compromising in Coalition Formation with Incomplete Information.

Czech Mind Prize Česká hlava for Innovation. Two focal themes will be, and applications of autonomous agents and multiagent systems. Combinatorial auctions for supply chain formation. Robot planning including action and motion planning multirobot systems. Evolving Communicating Agents for the PredatorPrey Pursuit Problem. Coalitions among computationally bounded agents, negotiation, judgment aggregation and belief merging. Utilitymaximization for selfinterested agents, and action, argumentation. Students will have to give presentations and lead discussions on 2 papers from a gilmore girls a year in the life writers selected list.

613628, complexity, email, multiusermultivirtualagent interaction, the 2011, ontologies for agent systems. Zlotkin, logics for agency, littman Markov games Tues, phone. Coalition formation, antonin Svoboda prize for the best dissertation of 2010 awarded by the Czech synthesis Society for Cybernetics and Informatics awarded to David Šišlák. Gridbased systems, coordination, agents and semantic web services, sikka. Apr 4, apr 11, i applied agent research mainly in manufacturing.

In Multi-Agent Systems (chapter 5).The 2006 Poster - 10th International Student Conference on Electrical Engineering award for the Multi-agent contracting and reconfiguration in competitive environment using acquaintance models.

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The course will be based on research papers that can be printed out.