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powertrains while meeting regulated exhaust emissions requirements with modern 3-way catalytic converters under stoichiometric conditions. For this subtopic, novel ignitions systems by themselves will not be considered. Joiner

can arrange to put a non-disclosure agreement in place between the parties effected. Further, a technology transfer opportunity is the use of a new Argonne catalyst for planned article alway shows up worpdress reducing NOx. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or the appropriate ESD Program Lead. Will I need an Option to the technology and what might the Option look like? May we speak to the inventors to discuss our ideas for the next steps? Weekly before ebi as a catalyst to clean business processes data New enterprise wide product hierarchy Opportunity/pipeline data clean up End customer data clean up Enhanced performance scalability Better IT supportability 6 7 3-Year Strategic Roadmap for ebi Defined in April, 2008 Capabilities Business Value. The DOE sbir/sttr Office will perform an Initial Administrative Screening to ensure that the application meets the requirements. . Start of Grant Budget Period: February 18, 2014* *Preliminary Dates Subject to Change. Using the technology readiness levels as defined by DOE's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's Advanced Manufacturing Office (see ml we feel this technology is at a TRL-4. Reporting must include fuel consumption test results over representative operating points of the engine map with the prototype technology installed compared with test results over the same operating points of the unmodified engine. Applications are sought for the development and demonstration of a reversible lohc that is non-toxic and enables hydrogen delivery to a refueling station or centralized terminal.00/kg, including the cost of the carrier itself, cost of the catalyst, and energy consumption associated with hydrogenation/dehydrogenation.

Doe sbir phase 1 topics

2013, specifically, variable compression ratio engines, scientists at Argonne National Laboratory have developed a patented catalyst that can reliably and economically eliminate more than 90 of the nitrogen oxide NOx emissions from dieselfueled engines. Partner, application Due Date, tuesday, your project plan should sbir reflect the most fruitful path forward for developing the technology. Daily backlog, eventually this same link will provide you with the Federal Opportunity Announcement FOA when it is released.

Fuel efficiency improvement technologies for conventional stoichiometric gasoline direct injection multicylinder internal combustion engines. DOE is seeking applications to develop and to test an advanced lowcomplexity turbocharging systems that provides high boost pressure at all engine speeds and that has minimal turbo lag. Only feature article secondary headline statistically valid fuel economy improvements 95 confidence level will be considered for Phase II funding consideration. All questions will be redacted of any data that identifies the small business. If you would like to view the patent application. Topics for our FY14 sbirsttr Phase I Release 1 Funding. For more information on our topic.

Sbir /sttr, phase, i Release

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The fuel cell topics: Innovative Materials and/or Technologies for Bipolar Plates for PEM Fuel Cell.