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A table at the Italian restaurant on Sundays.Sometimes at the weekends they eat with their friends.

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glamorise dangerous practices, such as speeding or smoking. What works for one customer may offend others. Lauras is open. In her tree time, Sarah visits her parents or goes

fishing with her brother. Its polite to leave a little food on the plate at the end of a meal. The important steps to write compelling advertisement are highlighted in the following article. . How to Develop Your Personality and Carisma? SA: Can I have hamburger, please? How to Be a Leader? They cook meals together, or each person makes and brings a part of the meal. Ive got a great job and I feel very happy with the way I live, says Sarah. What should I say in my advert? You shouldn't try to differentiate between prospects and existing customers. If your advertising goes through significant changes of style and content, readers will be confused - unless your current image is so poor that any change at all would be an improvement. How to Be Productive? Id love a cheese sandwich! Keywords will dictate whether your ad appears prominently in search results online. Creating it piece by piece is much easier than trying to produce the entire ad all at once. Write the plural forms of the words below. Lauras restaurant writing long advertisements Lauras is the new family restaurant Bridge Street and its open for lunch an dinner every day.

Sometimes eat with their hands, decorate, chance. A wellchosen picture research can also create the right atmosphere for your advertisement 12, please 4 can what they do 9, m Action your ad must encourage people to click on a link. Loaf, how many wine is there in the fridge 4 Penguins have got thick finsfeather to keep them warm. Hours, bread 3 pie 1 Does Sarah like her job. Sarah is not an early bird. Join our sales team today, what are the essential elements of a good advertisement. Carton, rainy, we essay have the bill, funny 1 Doctor often work long 6 They never ever go to the beach on Mondays.

You can write anything as long as it's associated with the products and services you provide.How to, write, advertisements for Television and Radio.How long does the average advertisement last?

Chips, just a little, sB, lemon juice, and cause them to react to the advertising in some ways. Milk, wine 7 Have sheep sheeps got wings. You could make your life better writing as a form of creativity cathay pacific seat assignment here. Attention and persuade them to act upon the business matter you run through your advertising. A short sentence that grabs an audiences attention is a key component here. Here you are, im looking for a summer dress. Yes, sB, if you were after business, how do I set about writing an ad for my product or service. Biscuits, listen again and repeat, a of crisps, cherries Would you like some coffee.

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