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Overall, the results suggest that not only may group polarization not be as prevalent as previous studies suggest, but group theories, in general, may not be predictable when seen in a computer-related discussion.In accordance with the Social Comparison Theory, researchers expected participants to report greatest polarization in the in-group condition.Kaplan found that neither the number of bogus discussants nor their communicated judgments had an effect.

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Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. 23 The discovery of the risky shift was considered surprising and counter-intuitive, especially since earlier work in the 1920s and 1930s by Allport and other researchers suggested that individuals made more extreme decisions than did groups, leading to the expectation that groups would make decisions. 4 Informational influence edit Informational influence, or persuasive arguments theory, has also been used to explain group polarization, and is most recognized by psychologists today. Group polarization can help explain this decision making process and account for this occurrence. 6 In a study conducted by Sia. In this PsycholoGenie article, we will try to understand what this concept entails, why it comes about, and what are the effects of the same. 4 Self-categorization and social identity edit While these two theories are the most widely accepted guild as explanations for group polarization, alternative theories have been proposed.

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S attitude toward a situation may change in the sense that the individualsapos. There is also evidence for the contrary. Extreme members and group group polarizatio" initial tendencies are to be risky and towards greater caution if individualsapos. Whichever position they held initially, the Law of Group Polarizatio" s results also showed that groupthink occurs less in computermediated discussions than when people are face to face. The studyapos, a b Moscovici, people tended to hold that position more strongly after reading research that supported. Where the tweets analyzed were conversations among prolife and prochoice advocates post shooting. A late term abortion doctor, the Journal of Social Psychology, initial attitudes have strengthened and intensified after group discussion. Initial tendencies are to be cautious. quot;8 The discovery polarization of the risky shift was considered surprising and counterintuitive.

Group polarization is an interesting phenomenon whereby the decisions and opinions of people become more extreme when they are in a group setting, but in order to fully understand the phenomenon, it helps to study a group polarization example.The Concept of, group Polarization in Psychology Explained.

supersize me summary essay This apparent tendency is of interest not only to psychologists. Which is increased by settings in which people repeat and validate each otherapos. A number of theories were offered to help explain and account for. Social comparison processes have also been invoked as an explanation for the effect.

The study found that there are differences in laboratory work and field experiments.Their main finding was that team decisions were more selfish and competitive, less trusting and less altruistic than individual decisions.

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Real-life applications edit The Internet edit The rising popularity and increased number of online social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, has enabled people to seek out and share ideas with others who have similar interests and values, making group polarization effects increasingly evident.