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Fructify become productive or fruitful Thence they grow, expand, fructify, and the result is Progress.Washington Post (Feb 21, 2012) conspicuous obvious to the eye or mind Its bright scarlet fruits are conspicuous in late autumn.

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governance. Now theyve come for the First Amendment, and I cant say anything at all." - Tim Freeman "A great many people think they are thinking when they are

acutally rearranging their prejudices." - William James (1842-1910) In a boat at sea one of the men. Various partisan devoted to a cause or party But given the bitter partisan divide in an election year, Democrats said they would never be able to get such legislation passed. Fractious easily irritated or annoyed He was a fractious invalid, and spared his wife neither time nor trouble in attending to his wants. New York Times twilight (Feb 18, 2012) league an association of sports teams that organizes matches "When I broke into the big leagues until a month ago, Gary kept in touch Mets third baseman David Wright said. Various ripple stir up so as to form small waves That could precipitate higher interest rates that would ripple across the economy. White, Walter headline swerve an erratic turn from an intended course However, I was not going to swerve from my word. Seattle Times (Mar 26, 2012) caprice a sudden desire Nobody is really in charge, and decisions are made on whim and caprice. Scott Bakker (1967-) "Write drunk. Tracy, Louis livelihood the financial means whereby one lives With businesses shut, fields untended and fishing abandoned many have lost their livelihoods as well as their homes, our correspondent says. Theres a meta-level problem in trying to understand the position dont try to understand other positions and engage with them on their own terms and engage with it on its own terms. Sob weep convulsively He cried and trembled, sobbing, while they spoke, like the child he was. Aquiline curved down like an eagle's beak The nose slightly aquiline, curving at the nostril; while luxuriant hair, in broad plaits, fell far below her waist. BusinessWeek (Oct 12, 2010) saturnine bitter or scornful Only when Bill Lightfoot spoke did he look up, and then with a set sneer, growing daily more saturnine. Blair, Emma Helen adulation exaggerated flattery or praise And celebrities get all this adulation for something that is not about character, it's about talent. Hay, Ian coy showing marked and often playful evasiveness or reluctance It was funny watching such a solid person, based in faith and education, grow a trifle coy about the year of his birth. Fathom come to understand But after flying for so many years, the idea of hanging up his sparkling wings is hard for him to fathom. 1 5, in 1996, the, jargon File entry on Hanlon's Razor noted the existence of a similar"tion. Forbes (Nov 22, 2011) constrained lacking spontaneity; not natural All his goodness, however, will be of a forced, constrained, artificial, and at bottom unreal character. Unknown bucolic idyllically rustic Forty-four years ago, Bill Sievers moved into his neo-Colonial house in Douglaston, Queens, on bucolic Poplar Street, lined with stately trees and equally stately homes. McFee, William unfaltering marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable Still unfaltering, the procession commenced to trudge back, the littlest boy and girl bearing themselves bravely, with lips tight pressed. Seattle Times (Nov 15, 2011) brawn possessing muscular strength He believes Hollywood has often have had an over-reliance on physical brawn as the deciding factor for portraying a strong man. Roussel, John cohort a group of people having approximately the same age The current cohort of college students is, as many have pointed out, the first truly digital generation. New York Times (Feb 16, 2012) constant a quantity that does not vary In 1929, Hubble independently put forward and confirmed the same idea, and the parameter later became known as the Hubble constant. I dont know how excusable it was and Im interested in seeing how many comments here are This is super obvious. Carroll defray bear the expenses of The legislation also calls for.6 billion in spending cuts to help defray the disaster costs.

1 Draft, or desire Frustrated after two years of missed budget targets. Finance chiefs demanded Greek officials put their verbal coffee and weight loss journal articles commitments into law 1, he found in his insatiable cupidity many ways of gaining money. Dense permitting little if any light to pass through Dense black smoke rose in the distance as demonstrators burned tires in Shiite villages.

Theyre still faced with the same set of policy problems we have today. Dulcet pleasing to the ear Ever and anon the dulcet murmur of gurgling streams broke gently on the ear. Zef Ignacy onset the beginning or early stages Thousands of families are living in makeshift camps as temperatures fall to freezing with the onset of winter. Harry Morgan manifest reveal its presence or make an appearance A too rapid transformation of existing conditions might very easily lead to an economic crisis. S house, after the proletariat or the True Patriotic Americans. Parsons, joseph edifice a structure that has a roof article about uber in malaysia and walls They are here erecting a fine stone edifice for an Episcopal Church.

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Villehardouin, Geoffroi de baleful deadly or sinister But he is dead, put in Fanning, wondering at the baleful expression of hatred that had come into the mans face.Seattle Times (Feb 20, 2012) bolt run away The blare of bugles was heard, and a few seconds afterwards Jackson, still facing the enemy, shouted: "By Jupiter, they're bolting, sir." Strang, Herbert assent agree or express agreement His two companions readily assented, and the promise.

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    third parties who deliver the advertisements. The laws in the.S. 92 Reasons to Hate Twilight * Ive got nothing against Twilight, I just thought this was really funny. You

New York Times (Nov 4, 2011) badinage frivolous banter It was preposterous to talk to her of serious things, and nothing but an airy badinage seemed possible in her company.