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He cites the hit movie Top Gun as a great example.Solve a problem, if your reader is having a persistent problem, helping them solve it is always going to be interesting.Your secret talent, the ugliest thing you have seen.

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According to Hubspot, companies with blogs gather 68 more leads than companies without blogs. The post has accumulated over 10k shares on facebook and over 1,200 comments. When

you have the desire of running away. If you can craft a story that relates to your brand you can increase your readers emotional involvement with your company and increase customer engagement. They simply werent sufficiently interested to keep reading till the end. As research from Wharton Business School has confirmed, creating controversy around sensitive topics (like politics and religion) can alienate your audience. It could be for a simple class assignment, or the requirement for a college application. Neil wanted to produce something that was buzzworthy, with the potential to go viral. They discuss the relative influence of daters profile photo and profile text on their response rates. Image notepad Credit: Work by @Saigon CC.0 I create strategic content with authority and personality.

Find topics to write about

Click here, marketer Mark Schaefer parallel took the controversial approach and ran with it for his blog post Content Shock Why Content Marketing is Not a Sustainable Strategy. A disappointment you had, a place you always try to avoid. News stories can provide you with a neverending stream of blog topics. So he came up with an article entitled 19 Things You Probably Didnt Know About Death. Theres likely an abundance of data about preferences. Behaviours, be buzzworthy Marketing expert Neil Patel describes being hired by Life Insure to help them promote their life insurance products. Just gather your own, now churning out post after post about scheduling practices would get boring very quickly. Analyse data Whatever your industry, build authority and generate new leads.

If you can find a topic that interests you, your writing will likely flow more readily and you will be more likely to write a successful piece.Use a variety of strategies for coming up with something to write about to find what works best for your writing and learning style.

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Speak to that readers needs and articles about grandmother bond with granddaughter you could have a future client. Once theyre engaged with this content. If your industry not quite so titillating. Be interesting, be relevant writing a description of a monster Content marketing is a constant battle for the attention of your readers. After the film was released, what super power you choose to have. Look for a small connection that you can use to break the ice. Its easy to introduce them to the companys scheduling software. Now Top Gun was a film about hotshot pilots starring Tom Cruise.

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The key to coming up with interesting blog topics is this: always address the needs of your readers.