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For series, list the date on which principal photography for the first episode began.It includes confirmation that the corporation is a qualified corporation, and that the production will comply or has complied with the requirements of the Income Tax Act and Income Tax Regulations related to the cptc program.

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domestic co-producer, that can have an ownership interest in a production, and/or who can provide investments directly in a production. (e) In a series where the key creative personnel

vary from episode to episode, ensure that all individuals occupying all key creative positions, for any and all episodes, are listed. Amortization (series) Costs related to the amortization of television series should be entered in the Producer/Key Creative, Services, Laboratories or Other columns, according to the nature of the expenses. Links to the full text of the Act and Regulations are available on cavco's website, at /cavco. If DVD is not available, VHS format is acceptable. More information is available on isan Canada's website. 4.09 Producer-related Personnel A "producer" is defined as an individual: Who controls and is the central decision maker for the production; Who is directly responsible for the acquisition of the production story or screenplay and the development, creative and financial control and exploitation of the. Note that for the purpose of its evaluation of lead performers or lead voices, cavco will consider remuneration, as well as any additional benefits, residuals, travel or living expenses and all similar expenses incurred in relation to an individual. It is essential that all sections of each affidavit be completed; as well, the contents of the affidavit should not be modified. Although many works in many genres may contain humourous moments, a production is considered to be a comedy when paper the intent and the expression of the plot itself is humourous, or when the tone of the entire work is overwhelmingly comic (ex: romantic comedy, stand-up. This detailed examination is generally performed through an on-site field audit of the production company. However, cavco recognizes that, under certain circumstances, the fiscal year end of a production company may change after a cptc application has been submitted. Each co-producer must claim the relative portion of the tax credit with the CRA. Do you own a rental real estate property? Domestic Co-production: A Canadian film or video production in which two or more prescribed taxable Canadian corporations jointly own copyright. (Also known as "surveillance television h) Pornography: refers to a production that contains explicit depictions or descriptions of a sexual nature, without regard to artistic merit. The User ID, Password and Recovery Questions you used with ePass will remain the same. Buy the Full Version, you're Reading a Free Preview, pages 460 to 985 are not shown in this preview. Current Events Programming: Includes the reporting on any subject of timely and current interest, consisting primarily of news analysis, in-depth reviews, investigative journalism, infotainment, event analysis, discussions or presentations of subjects relating to local, national or international issues or events, or information relating to public. The specific requirements in terms of formats and wording can be found on cavco's website. Assistance refers to any financial assistance from public or private Canadian sources or from foreign sources, where it is in the form of grants, subsidies, provincial tax credits, forgivable loans, services and any other similar form of assistance. Complete Form T776, Statement of Real Estate Rentals. Applicants should also review the "Part II - How to Apply" section of this guide when completing an application. Fringe benefits Producer/Key Creative column for amounts paid to Director of Photography (Lines 21 or 22) Services column for amounts paid to all other personnel in accounts 12 to. Director (of a film or video production Overall head of a work; person in charge of all technical and artistic aspects involved in making an audiovisual production. Where a payment to non-employees includes a non-labour component, (e.g. Exemption Affidavits Where required, a copy of each notarized exemption affidavit for non-Canadian producer-related personnel and Showrunners must be included as an attachment with the application. With respect to producer-related or key creative personnel for a production, the term "Canadian" is defined as a person who is, at all relevant times, a Canadian citizen as defined in the Citizenship Act, or a permanent resident as defined in the Immigration and Refugee. You must have an Access Key to submit an online application to cavco. When applying for a production for which cavco previously issued a PCH reference number, list the PCH number in this section. All positions related to the producer function must be held by Canadians, unless the production is a treaty co-production, or where a request for an exemption for a foreign courtesy credit has been granted by cavco. Telefilm Canada administers international agreements governing treaty co-productions (see.

Assignment of depreciable property t2 canada

Where two or more Canadian production companies incorporate a subsidiary company as the sole copyright owner in the production. Take precedence over these guidelines, such as revenues from exploitation of the production 02 Proof of Production Completion As part of a Part B submission. These sections of the Act and Regulations. In the case of depreciable property. Enter the name and contact information of the person who will be the primary individual in charge of administering the application. About THE author, such programming may incorporate elements of other genres. A They must be reasonable in the circumstances. Director of a corporation An individual elected by the shareholders of a corporation to supervise the management of the corporation. It should not be reflected as a domestic coproduction in the application. The producer may also bad be required to submit to cavco the agreement between the Canadian distributor and the nonCanadian service agent.

ON K1A 0L5, accept or refuse such transfers, the paragraph writing structure definitions of each of these types paragraph writing structure of productions are as follows. The documentation establishing that the copyright owner in a film or video production has acquired the underlying rights to the extent necessary to create the production. And will be the exclusive worldwide copyright owner in the. News, singer, allan Madan and Madan Chartered Accountant will not be held liable for any problems that arise from the usage of the information provided on this page. All other fees paid to producerrelated positions are calculated as services. An individual who performs one of the following functions may be considered equivalent to the lead performer.

A section can be accessed at any time by clicking on the applicable link in the left pane menu.In the event that a Part B certificate is not issued within the prescribed time frame, the CRA will refuse any tax credit claimed in the year and re-assess the corporation for any tax credit previously allowed.1106 of the Income Tax Regulations, cavco must determine, among other things, whether a corporation's shareholders are "Canadian" within the meaning.

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As published in cavco Public Notice 2006-03,theuse of non-Canadian service agents for the exploitation of videograms, such as VHS cassettes and DVDs, in Canada, for productions certified under the cptc program, is permitted in limited circumstances.