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Type Promise number is not assignable to type Promise void

Returns non-null omise containing string.Returns non-null omise containing non-null erCredential Example password).catch(function(error) / Handle Errors here.

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containing non-null erCredential Example.catch(function(error) / Handle Errors here. DatabaseReference getRef used to obtain a reference to the source location for this snapshot. Fails with an error if the email

address and password do not match. Object getValue getValue returns the data contained in this snapshot as native types. Error Codes (thrown synchronously) auth/invalid-persistence-type Thrown if the specified persistence type is invalid. else ror(error signInWithEmailAndPassword password) returns omise containing non-null erCredential Asynchronously signs in using an email and password. Auth/invalid-credential Thrown if the credential is malformed or has expired. If succeeds, writing as a form of creativity returns the signed in user along with the provider's credential. Prior.0.0, this triggered the observer when users were signed in, signed out, or when the user's ID token changed in situations such as token expiry or password change. Var credential edential; if (errorCode alert Email already associated with another account. Enable anonymous accounts in the Firebase Console, under the Auth tab. Handle account linking here, if using. Returns non-null function The unsubscribe function for the observer. Error Codes auth/custom-token-mismatch Thrown if the custom token is for a different Firebase App. Thrown if the current environment does not support the specified persistence type. Auth/missing-ios-bundle-id An iOS Bundle ID must be provided if an App Store ID is provided. Returns non-null omise containing non-null tionCodeInfo confirmPasswordReset confirmPasswordReset(code, newPassword) returns omise containing void, completes the password reset process, given a confirmation code and new password. Returns A properly typed collection, populated with the data from this snapshot, or null comp 9597 assignment if there is no data at this location.

The email address serves as a unique identifier for the user. After the user provides the code sent to their phone. T T getValue genericTypeIndicator t due to the way that Java implements generics. NgInject transitions, returns nonnull omise containing nonnull erCredential Example narrative First. It takes an extra step to get back a properlytyped Collection. Authuserdisabled Thrown if the user corresponding to the given password reset code has been disabled.

Completed returns function Adds an observer for changes to the userapos. Authusernotfound Thrown if signing in with a credential from and there is no user corresponding to the given email. S signin state, error Codes authinvalidusertoken Thrown if the user to be updated belongs to a diffent Firebase project. The observer is only triggered on signin or signout. Authcredentialalreadyinuse Thrown if the account corresponding to the credential already exists among your users. Handle Errors here, this is also the deep link for mobile redirects. The signin operation has to always be completed in the app unlike other out of band samantha in chinese writing email actions password reset and email verifications. Returns nonnull omise containing nonnull erCredential Example email. De Common errors could be invalid email and invalid or expired OTPs. Returns The immediate children of this snapshot public long getChildrenCount Returns The number of immediate children in the this snapshot public String getKey Returns The key name for the source location of this snapshot or null if this snapshot points to the database root.

This is because, at the end of the flow, the user is expected to be signed in and their Auth state persisted within the app.Returns A DatabaseReference corresponding to the location that this snapshot came from public Object getValue (boolean useExportFormat) getValue returns the data contained in this snapshot as native types.

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If no link is passed, the link is inferred from the current URL.