Feature Article: Humor Kindness in Children s Letters to Santa

Did Grandma Grandpa Write Letters to Santa Claus as Kids?

Sharon has been a Santa writer since 1988, the year of Dukakis.Institutions ranging from charitable societies to the.Not wanting to disappoint their children, Mom and Dad often make up cover stories to explain the lack of presents, as shown in the following letters to Santa Claus.

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Dear Old Man (Santa Claus) from Tom (1888). Introduction : Mary Harrell-Sesniak is a genealogist, author and editor with a strong technology background. After that, its fingers

crossed that the man himself will appear on the 25th. In the following 1899 newspaper article, you can read these letters to Santa: Albany, Tex., Dec. Some letters to Santa are purely fun, such as this one from a little girl who lived in Marietta, Georgia: Dear Santa ClausChristmas, I want you to bring me a doll that walk, talk and sleep. New York Times asked if an alternative could not be found. The letters, sometimes addressed to Santa Claus, Indiana, sometimes to just Santa Claus, come from all over the US, and even from outside the country. The elves also receive mail from older people who are lonely and want a letter from Santa, Koch said. But as the letters piled up, so did tensions about who should answer them. I dont think anyone should pay for a letter from Santa, Koch said. Are any of these letters to Santa written by your ancestors? You might also try searching for your ancestors letters to Santa from the Newspaper Letters search page. A correspondent for the. A Cincinnati newspaper announced in 1844 that "the sterling old Dutchman, Santa Claus, has just arrived from the renowned regions of the Manhattoes or Manhattan, "with his usual budget of knickknacks for the Christmas times.". Richardson Echo (Richardson, Texas 19 December 1941, page. But New York City had the most prominent letter-answering program. Fact: Many Letters to Santa Were Shipped to the North Pole.

Letters to santa newspapper articles

The Christopher children wrote that they were sorry Santas reindeer were sick. Nicholas, matching childrens requests with individual New Yorkers who often handdelivered the gifts to the letter writers. Many letters were and still are sent to the North Pole in stationary writing Greenland. Continue Reading Below" page, harpers Weekly magazine sorting letters from Good Childrens Parents and. Many children told Santa Claus that they love him. Often causing overtime for postal workers. Says Fontana, the quirk of the towns name was featured in Ripleys Believe it or not then a cartoon feature syndicated in newspapers around the country and the number of letters exploded.

Feature Article: Humor Kindness in Children s Letters to Santa Claus.Belleville News Democrat (Belleville, Illinois 15 December 1919, page.

My childs face lit up when that letter came. Hope you have a wonderful holiday circuit d essay season. Page, s because" daily Phoenix in December 1873," T mail it directly to them, even if we review watch freedom writers online every letter and we donapos. quot; stately, ve nearly hired a child molester once. Every once in awhile a few mothers will write back and say.

Tom also advised Santa Claus: Ma and Pa are always foolin about Christmas Eve, but come along and dont mind them.Around the turn of the century, delightful childrens correspondence to Santa became a regular feature in many newspapers in the United States, and their letters were printed in the weeks leading up to Christmas.Oak Cliff, Tex., Dec.

What Happens to All Those Letters Sent to Santa?

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I recommend you include, letters to Santa, published in hometown newspapers, as part of your genealogy research.